-Busy Month

From today until August 20th, I probably will be so busy, that I won't even know what time it is...in a couple of days out-of-state relatives will be visiting; and I just must help my daughter pack-up, drive-up and set-up in her new apartment near her campus; both grandsons, on the same day, will also be visiting and spending the entire day with me this week. OMGosh gotta try hard not to forget to take my vitamins, talk about energy, these little guys are whirl-winds...if I could only bottle some of their energy, my financial worries would be over.

However I am still working on my Squid, should be launching it pretty soon and I have found a couple of promising new programs and tools, that I will be sharing here and on my lens sometime this month.

Maybe I should have named my site "4 All Those BuzyBee's", nah...just a thought. Well, I have a lot to prepare, organize and update in my viral space. Until next time...