-A Brief Update

Well, I finished creating the lens that I mentioned in an earlier post, actually I finished two lenses and I published one. The one I published was a spur of the moments thing, one of the programs that I belong too was having a contest, the admin of the site offered a couple of enticing awards for the best comment or article written and posted to a blog, website or whatever.

So after reading that, since I had been spending so much time on another squidject, I decided I really needed a break, so I created a lens about that program, and it didn't take long. It may not be a winning project, but I had a 'hoot' doing it, but tomorrow I will tell you more about that program. And believe it or not, not only did I create two lenses but I also started a blog over at 'Blogchex'. But more about that later.

For months I have been thinking about a completely different approach to this blog, and it began with expanding the focus. Today I made another big change, one that I have been hesitant about undertaking because I was afraid everything would get goofed up. It didn't happen, TODAY I changed my template and the transition was so smooth, I couldn't believe it had actually happened. Why I waited so long, I really don't know...but maybe there is a lesson here that I should really take notice of. Succeeding here on the net, requires action. If you spend too much time just thinking about the action, you will always be in last place. Sometimes you gotta take that first step, don't look back until you reach where ever it is that you are aiming for, once there...then step back a bit, observe what you have done...then clean up, tweak it some and fill in the blanks.

Well, until the morrow...Happy Blogging All