-Affiliate Programs Continued...

Personally, I think for the NooBie ... Affiliate Programs are an excellent choice, a good place to begin. However, because you are new selecting programs that offer 90% more than what you are investing ... is definitely the way to go. And that remaining 10%, your investment, should consist of and reflect only the 'elbow grease' and the 'time you invested' ... not any 'out of pocket expense'. Let me clarify that statement a little more, time promoting your program should be your only investment. Now, most programs do offer upgraded packages ... but personally I would only select this option after testing and researching the product. Now, I have come across 3 programs that I am promoting that fit nicely into the framework that I have outlined above.

The first one I have mentioned earlier in my blog,
MyPowerMall and as I mentioned before this system just makes 'so much sense'. Why not get something more back, from what you do everyday ... anyway [and that is shopping ] ... not only are you getting a measure of joy from your purchases, but it's a double barreled package, because you are also earning revenue from your purchase and your downline's purchases. That alone keeps a 'smile on my face'.

The second system is called DealDotCom, this program has only been active for about a month. And I think the concept is inspired: To begin with the program is FREE, each day the program offers a different ebook, software or information product at a greatly reduce rate. All you have to do is insert the script on your blog or website, and each day a different product will be available for purchase by your visitors. Now, once you join you automatically become an affiliate, and your earnings are based on a 2 tier system. You will earn 35% of all sales generated by your 1st level, and 15% of all sales generated by everyone that is on your 2nd level. Great system, if you don't have any extra time to promote another program, just include the script for this program on your website, or blog and that's it. The new 'Deal For The Day' will automatically update, so you have another way to monetize your site, with actually no additional effort.

The third and last program isn't the type of program that I normally promote, the affiliate portion of NGM is FREE to join. But NGM is a membership site that requires a monthly fee, 'NittyGrittyMarketing.com' this is a program that I think any really serious marketing hopeful, should consider. Jermaine Griggs an extremely young, gifted and successful internet mogul ... started his rise to fame at the age of 12. Most of his peers were home playing on their Nintendo's, while he was out selling Avon, at 15 he started a stationery company and at 16 created a website called Shop2x.com. And this is only a small sampling of his sojourn. He is a self-made millionaire, that never had a 9-5 job. He created and built his empire from home, using his computer...armed only with determination and a desire to succeed...And He Did. Visit this site, read his story and I think this could be the ... Elusive Magic Bullet ... that many of us have been searching for. Many of us come to the net, don't know where to start, what programs to follow ... this program offers direction, and focus and you will learn the steps that lead to this young man's success and his continued growth.