-A Short Sabbatical

For the last year, I have spent an enormous amount of time on the net, trying to learn as much as I could about building, promoting and earning an income via the web . A few day ago, I decided I needed to take a short sabbatical, so I have taken one.

Now I didn't completely turn my back on my computer, what I did was incorporate other things into my day that I hadn't done much of ... in the past year. I added 'a little me time' to my day, and I know you are wondering what 'a little me time' is all about. Well, I did some things that I enjoy, I visited the mall and the library; did a little reading; I also took a couple of walks and I am planning on visiting some 'ole friends' that live out of state for a few days.

Well, like I mentioned above, I still spend time on the web and while I was here I did a little browsing and day dreaming. I have a list of 'must see places' that I really want to visit, cities with a history ... and buildings that are centuries old, completely captivate me. I have a short list, which I know I will be adding to, that include Madrid,Spain; Rome, Italy; London, England; I guess it would be easy to spend a lifetime in each of these localities, well I don't have a lifetime, but I can visit them often virally until I visit them physically.

So yesterday, I spent some viral time in Madrid and Barcelona, both cities are magnificent, and each has it's own special charm. What I didn't realize was that Madrid which is the capital of Spain has a reigning monarch. So that must mean a castle, or some really old building that has housed the monarchy for centuries. Actually, the official residence of the monarch is the 'Royal Palace of Madrid' which is an imposing palace that was completed in 1764. Now that is a must see for me. Also there is a restaurant there called the 'Botin Restaurant', that was entered into the 'Guinness Book of Records' for being the oldest restaurant in the world...now that is just Amazing. And in the middle of the Gardens of Discovery they have a detailed history of the travels of Christopher Columbus. So after finding all of this out, my next stop was to view a listing of Hotels in Madrid. Because no matter where you go you must have someplace to stay and a search for accommodations is a must.

My final viral visit for the day since I was already in Spain was to Barcelona. The 1992 Olympics were held there and this city is equally as beautiful and it is located along the ocean front. Legend credits the building of the city to the ancient mythological hero called Hercules. Gosh, could this country get anymore interesting, yes, it can...La Rambla is an area that houses five separate streets that are connected end to end, and the most wonderful things you could imagine can be found there, living statues, mimes, merchants selling everything imaginable. All of this situated under tree lined streets. And 'Museu Picasso' which contains numerous works by Picasso, is the most visited museum in the country. And so again, I visited a listing of the Hotels in Barcelona or should I pronounce it as a residents of the country would pronounce it ... Hoteles en Barcelona, and then I planned yet another itinerary.

Well, this end my brief viral journey, which I completely enjoyed. But althought this journey has ended I still have a few days left of my short sabbatical. So I'm off ...be talkin' to yall later...