-I Found A Couple Of Gems

Today while I was cruising across the internet freeway, I came across 2 gems that completely caught my attention ... the first was a blog post and the other was a Really Incredible Site.

Well anyway, I found this interesting post that correlated a 'Blog to a File Cabinet'. And I guess that's true because even I am starting to introduce an even greater array of articles and programs to this blog, that I have discovered and that have a measure of value to me, and hopefully to my viewers. I can hardly stop myself from dashing back to the 'bloggers dashboard' and promptly begin writing about my finds.

Today ... I came across a 'To Good To Be Believed Site', and I found the 'ultimate game'. This site and this game could possibly be responsible for folks discarding all of their bingo boards and chips; and leaving their checkers and all the checker boards abandoned and unused. This is Sweepstake 2.0, and everyday someone is a winner of a Free Gift, and not just any old thing, I am talking about Apple I-Pods, HDTV's, Designer Handbags, Cars and more . Now get this, the lowest unique bid ... WINS. And it doesn't stop there, there are also CASH PRIZES.

Now, let me highlight this again, these aren't quarterly, monthly or weekly giveaways. A Gift is given away each and every day. And it is just so easy to play, all you have to do is visit the Bid4Prizes website, oh yes...that is the name of the site, select a gift...enter you cell number and submit your entry or you can submit an entry over your cell phone and that's it. And if someone else has selected the same unique number, you will be notified via your cell phone.

This just sounds like so much fun, and it's easy to play. Now all that's left is for you to visit and join, and then let the fun begin...


Anonymous said...


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Sadie said...

Hey there Chris, I also have a blog that I am developing, haven't launched it yet, hopefully within a week. Please leave your web address so that we can exchange links ... 8o)