-Found a Really 'Quool New Forum' and more...

Initially, I had planned to discuss a few of the affiliate programs that I am a member of...but I think I will go with a random thought that dropped out of the blue.

Less than 2 weeks ago, I came across a forum, please don't ask how I got there, I am a 'browsing junkie'...and it leads me too the most amazing sites. This cypercpace is such an Incredible Facility...while I am here, there is absolutely 'no way' that I could become bored. There definitely is 'no way' after a day of research and scouring the net, do I leave 'here' without having learned something new...it's just not possible.

Well, back to the topic of the day, I found this forum that pays you .10 for each thread that you start and each post that you answer. There are numerous topics, so I am sure anyone can find a few niche's and post themselves silly.

It's called AskAnswerEarn.com and this is what they have to say about their forum:

AskAnswerEarn.com is an unique concept based on the idea of rewarding members for asking questions and posting answers for others questions.

Again, another one of those places that's FREE, and many of us 'log in' a lot of time in forums that offer no compensation at all...so why not give this a try. If you love posting...now you can do it and earn a little extra cash at the same time.


As I mentioned in a previous post, I have expanded the focus of my journal. In the beginning it was all about one program and I gave 100% of my time too promoting just that product.

Back then being a NooBie really was unavoidably restrictive. What I knew of the net was so limited, just managing and promoting one program was a major undertaking. In this last year I have learned how to better manage my biz, and subsequently I have become involved in more programs and projects.

Earning a living on the net is the mission, and getting the most from whatever project that I undertake is 'key'.

Let me give you an example. I am beginning too really enjoy writing. Some times I visit forums and for hours I become lost in the comradery. Well, that's where a blog 'comes in', I can express my idea's, share some of my found treasures and at the same time advertise and make money ...

So when I came across BlogsVertise, I knew I had hit 'pay dirt'. Not only could I add another venue for earning money to my blog, but I would be doing something that I already was involved in [blogging] ... and enjoying. All you gotta do for BlogsVertise ... is to incorporate comments about an advertisers product or services in your column and everybody is happy.

Well, this is another treasure that I wanted to share with you today. So, now all that's left is for you guys/gals to visit the nice folks over at BlogsVertise, submit your site for review ... once it's accepted, you do what us bloggers do best ... and
that is to create, comment and to write.

And your earning go directly into you PayPal account. See you there...