-The Office

What were some of things that you did this morning and I mean from the moment that you opened your eyes...OK forget about the stretching, and knocking over the alarm clock. And it really is alright if you leave out that 'one stop' that we all must make only minutes after we have finally pulled ourselves out of the bed. For all of us work from home commuters, it's 'the office', that little room down the hall that we must get back too.

My breakfast gets put on hold, until I read and respond to whatever is lurking within my email box. And since another one of my passions is PTR's, for a little while I have to peck around a few of those sites and update them a bit, once that is completed then, I tackle breakfast. And as soon as I have finished my morning meal, it's off to the races 'full steam ahead'.

Gosh, this is sounding just too much like a 'routine'. I thought I left the 9-5, to develop an improved work scenario. I need a system that allows some space for me to shine through. I guess this current pattern needs a bit of tweaking, because it has definitely become too static.

Now an office assistant would definitely address some of those issues, we work from homers encounter. Actually an ideal solution would be someone or something that provided search engine marketing and promotion service, along with some link building and content writing. I could only wish...but for now, I need to rearrange this really restrictive timetable that I am following, revamp my current schedule and create one that allows me to complete all of my daily tasks but also leaves a window open for some 'me time'.

I think I will create a 'to do list' , that contains things that I would really enjoy doing during any given month. A few brief examples would be to; visit the library or a large book store that has a cafe and entertainment; deep discount shopping...ooh, I really love that one; or completely changing my hairstyle...color n' all; and yes, a good movie.

There is a fellow whose path I am forever crossing while I browse, and he ends his forum posts wherever I find them with...enjoy the journey. And the more time that I invest online, the more hours that I log-in, the greater my understanding becomes of those few little words. So, I guess I'm off...I got some revamping to do. Everyone Have a Great Weekend...