-A Little Help From A Friend

Well, I think it's way past that point where I should have begun talking about where my cyper-journey's have taken me. Today I will only mention one program, and that's because it is in a 'class all by itself'. I haven't actually encounter another program, that has as much to offer as this one, oh...this one is called GetRef.com.

Many, many, many of us for numerous reasons have a problem recruiting referrals and building our downlines. If you are a staunch supporter of Affiliate Programs, or PTR's and GPT's, downlines are an absolute MUST.

Well, GetRef.com can help you over that hurdle. And what's more, if you are starting out with an extremely limited budget...No Problemo...you don't need a dime to start.

Now, this is where the Squidoo Lens comes in, this is the squid lens that I put together is about a day. Had a lot of fun doing it and it explains some of the finer points of the program. As with most of the better programs that are on the net, they do have a forum. This is where you get the 'how to's' and your glitches straightened out. Visit my lens, learn about this facinating and invaluable tool, and remember...It Is Completely FREE! Nuff said...

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