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20th-November, 2007

OMGosh, today I came across, this really incredible site and it not only got my 'gears a crankin' but I became really anxious to share what I discovered with everyone.

Many of us have a really good idea of the places that we would like to visit. We may have seen pictures, or have friends that have visited these spots or maybe we have even seen a documentary and after viewing it we became hooked. We knew that we just had to visit that particular city, museum or mountain range or whatever. Well, if you think about it, that really isn't that much to go on. I know that the travel agent will become the trip planner and give us plenty of information about where we have decided to visit, but that is still going to be a fairly surface outline.

Wouldn't it be great if you could get actual feedback from not just a couple of people that have visited but feedback from many people that have taken a trip to, oh ... let's say Easter Island. Wouldn't you want to be more aware of the 'do's and don't's' that maybe even the standard travel agent wasn't aware of. Wouldn't you want your
trip planner to be a little more in touch with what you should expect from this little spot that you are visiting. Let's take it up another notch, what about connecting with a blogging community of travelers that share info about their trips.

And then what about visiting locations that are lesser known, but
have just as much history and importance as some of the well traveled spots. Have you ever heard about UNESCO World Heritage Site, well this site has a list of all those less frequented treasures, that are equal in beauty to let's say maybe the Hawaiian Island's or Niagara Falls. Well, this site that I visited has it all. You can even create a free travel blog, where friends and relatives can visit and follow what trips and adventures you have taken; what you did while you were there and even view all the pictures that you took.

And if you are thinking about a
trip planner, this site was voted 'The Best of Web for Trip Planning' by Business Week. You just gotta see this site it is simply 'AMAZING'.

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