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2nd-November, 2007

Each and everyday, I learn something new, it's unavoidable. It's just not possible to browse through cyberspace and not stumble upon some juicy new tidbit or maybe a few juicy tidbits.

I am planning on publishing a new blog that will be loaded with absolutely gorgeous merchandise. Although managing the back end function of a shopping cart platform isn't currently an issue, it is possible I may expand my horizons once I learn more about the process.

It's amazes me how easy it is to take things for granted, assign meanings to terms based on perceptions and assumptions. For example the term 'shopping cart',whenever I have seen this little phrase or image ... it has always been after I have completed selecting items for purchase or it is visible somewhere on a page where I am doing some online shopping. I thought I knew exactly what it represented.

Well, I didn't but now I do, and maybe there are others just like me that might have a rudimentary understanding of the 'shopping cart' concept. This little term, I guess you can say is the visible symbol of an immense process that is functioning whenever you shop online. I found this great website AShop Commerce, that offered Shopping Cart Software that allows a merchant to completely create a shopping portal to display all of his/her wares.

ASC has been in existence since 2001, and they host shopping cart software, so subsequently there is nothing to download. This ecommerce software is user friendly, so you manage and can completely design you online store yourself. ASC has a staggering number of features that enhance the functionality of the store and the backoffice ... live order tracking; traffic reports, sales reports, and the list goes on.

There are also tutorials and videos, to help ease both the noobie and a more experienced merchant into the workings of the program. There are even a few awesome storefronts that were created using this system that you could visit and peruse. There is just so much to see and learn about this shopping cart software ... I think you owe it to yourself to stop by and spend a moment with AshopCommerce.com, who knows you may decide to open an online store, as well.

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