-To the newcomers, newb's and newbies

4th-November, 2007

So, you are just starting out ... a bit overwhelmed ... although, anxious to get that ball rolling. But you don't know where to
start, who to ask questions, and what questions should you be asking.

Well, everyone online has at one point been exactly where you are, I was there exactly one year ago, and in that year I have learned that there aren't any instant answers. It takes time, you gotta get your feet wet, you have to study hard, and 'never give up ... never surrender' [remember the quote from that movie]. This is hard work, expect it and accept it. But it can be extremely gratifying also, each and every little thing that you learn daily, consider it another milestone placing you a step closer to where you ultimately want to be. Always congratulate yourself on your accomplishments, enjoy your own successes, don't expect anyone that's not in this game to really understand how it's played.

Now, consider the internet your instructor, professor and online mentor. OMGosh can you imagine you have millions of teachers. Luckily you can steamline and filter that staggering number down, rather quickly. You can pigeon hole that number down to what your interest are and then go from there.

Seek out forums that deal with topics, that center around your interest. If you have questions, forums are where you will find those answers ... And lets not for a moment overlook blogs. Many blogs are created by people that really want to share their experiences with you, you can discover the most amazing things by way of blogs and bloggers. And there are also social networking sites, many people have preconceived idea's about what happens in such places, but I have learned you can gather beneficial lessons from wherever you tread on the net. However, make sure you allot a designated amount of time to spend at these sites, it's very easy too spend much more time with these groups than you really should, so set limits and stick to them.

Below I have listed a few links to some of my favorite forums, this will give you a starting point, and since you are here visiting my blog, you must have found your way into the 'bloggers realm'. So enjoy the journey ... it's like nothing you have ever experienced before...


And if you don't know how to begin a search for forums that cover you own personal preferences below in the board for you:


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