-All That Glitter's Just Might Be Gold

14th-January, 2008

Sometimes I get so caught up in my little corner of the world, I forget just how small a part I play in the grand scheme of things. Now don't get me wrong, I kinda like my little corner, as a matter of fact, I am real comfortable here. However, life 'THUNDERS ON' all around me.

Now, I guess you are wondering right now, just what brought about this line of thinking. Well, I visited a site today that dealt with the purchasing, selling and storing of Gold Bullion. And for a while I must admit I really became caught up in the details associated with the purchasing, the quality and the managing of the product.

This particular site, BullionVault.com allows you to place orders, sell or check the current value of the gold bars that you own ... on-line. And the bars that you purchase do become your property, completely. Now, they have storage facilities managed by Via Mat, located in New York, England and Switzerland, so that any bullion order that you place would be secured in the location of your choice. Now to be perfectly honest I always thought that people kept their personal gold possessions in banks. However, most bank security features are inadequate for monitoring, storing and securing gold bullion.

And I also found out that many people are selecting to invest their money in bullion rather than in banks because of the rather unstable financial conditions of our banking systems. And some folks are also selecting to purchase gold bars better known as Good Delivery bars over gold jewelery because the quality and purity of these bars, far exceeds what you would get from purchasing gold jewelry.

If you are planning or searching for a sound investment option, investing in GOLD may be something to consider.