-I'm Thinking I Need A New Mailbox

16th January, 2008

I just don't get it, I'm starting too think my mailbox has a bullseye plastered on it, that's only visible to every car, van, pick-up and truck that passes my front yard. My poor little mailbox has been backed into numerous times, whacked and left slightly askew by the postman and also almost completely split in the middle at the post and left hanging by some unknown assailant on one occasion.

Fortunately, after each incident we have been able to patch him up, and he is still bravely standing but his days are numbered. I really do need a new, stronger and more attractive replacement for my current box. My poor little mailbox is the most tattered box on my street ... thanks to the abuse it has received from so many thoughtless drivers.

But, no matter, I know just where too go for that stronger and much more stylish new mailbox. And maybe this time I will purchase a box that has an added security feature, this time a locking mailbox. Although I live in a really quiet neighborhood, where the only real dangers have been the stealthy attacks on my mailbox ... I still think I would like to upgrade to a security mailbox.

I guess you might consider this overkill, but if I install a locking mailbox, that just might be the added feature that produces a more intimidating mailbox, a mailbox that deserves everyones respect. And then maybe the neighbors, passerby'ers and the postman will approach my box with a little bit more caution.

And another thing, 'this is true' ... I am the frustrated owner of a battered mailbox and this might be the solution to my dilemma. What do you think?