-Bedding Plus

Are you racking you brain trying to find that one of a kind present, for the person that has just about everything under the sun.

Well, what about a custom bedspread? Oh, so you think that sounds silly? Well, what about a custom bedspread that displays an image of your choice. Or a bedspread that displays photo's that your mom or a cousin, took while on that once in a lifetime trip? Or what about that unusual print that your brother has a bit of a fancy for? Or maybe your granddad has a collection of photo's that he had taken of some rare birds, could you imagine that on a pillow. And let's not forget your little brother and his fascination with cowboys,
Cowboy Bedding would definitely 'fit the bill'.

You can have whatever image or series of images that you want displayed on this custom blanket. Well, not only blankets, as I mentioned above, pillows and even doggy beds. And there are different sized blankets to choose from, some are even suitable as wall hangings. The design possibilites is limited only by your imagination, and the color selection is determined by whatever image you select, so your options and color choices are simply endless.

Sounds like a winning idea to me ... and definitely something that would not be expected ...