6th-March, 2008

Just the other day I came across this fun and interesting site called BuzzShed, which I previously talked about in a bit more detail in another entry. Anyway, some of the vids that I found were so compelling I wanted to display them in a few of my posts at DIID.

No big deal, I thought because 'Blogger' has a widget that allows you to include video's. Wasn't everyone doing it, and now I was about to join those 'ranks'. Well, yes ... Blogger has a widget, but the video has to be located in your files in order to upload it. OK, that presented a problem ... I had never downloaded a video. So, naturally that lead to a somewhat panicked search. I really wanted to do this, but I didn't know where to begin, what I had to learn, whether I would even find what I needed to accomplish this, and would it be easy enough for the 'technically challenged' to learn in less than a few days.

Much to my surprise, within minutes of my search, I found a tool that would accomplish this, a tool that was extremely user friendly and it only took a few extra minutes to learn how to do it, and in 'a snap' I had a video displayed in a post.

So, if there are others like me 'out n about' on the net, facing the same challenge that I was and you are looking for that perfect tool to store your video's to file ... look no further than KeepVid, they have the answer ... they have the TOOL.