-Here I Go Drifting Again

Folks ... I just love this time of the year. I am completely hooked, hopelessly addicted and I adamantly refuse to change. The only solution to this condition is just to give in and enjoy this incredible season. Now, I am not going to totally lose my head, that 'frugal filly' that's a part of who I am ... still defines my boundaries. But I can still enjoy this 'special corner of the year' with all the gift giving, shopping, dinners and parties and not end-up having to sell my car before this seasons is over.

But something just occurred to me, and this is directed to the 'guys' that just might be viewing my blog. That special someone in your life is going to be extremely busy, maddenly [ I wonder if that is even a word ] busy, overworked, exhausted most of the time and will probably be a bit cranky as we roll along through this season. You just can't begin to imagine, everything that has to be done, managed and made to work during the approaching holidays.
Spontaneity is not over rated, a little surprise as we approach this season would be an Amazing Gesture from that very special someone in her life, show her you appreciate her ... and why not say it with a bouquet of fresh flowers.

And guys the best part is, you can place that order from anywhere, at any time ... over the phone, order the flowers online
... even while stuck on the subway between stations. So, what about it send flowers to that special someone, GOSH just thinking about receiving some has brought a little sunshine into my day.

Go for it...