-So Much To Do, So Little Time

Taking that short break, also gave me a chance to take a really good look around the house. The holiday's are just around the corner, and besides the holiday gift shopping, there's grocery shopping, Xmas tree hunting, also cleaning and I think I want to paint a couple of rooms in my home this season. And for the last few years, well actually since I have been in this house, which has only been about 5 years, I have been thinking about changing the ceiling fans. Usually around this time of the year and at the start of summer, I start thinking about 'what to do with these fans'. They are really ... not my 'taste', so I think I have thought enough, I really need to take action.

I have a few things to consider before selecting a fan for my daughters room, she has a small room with really low ceilings, so I need something tapered or with small blades to accommodate her room's dimensions. However, I have seen a couple of hunter fans, the Valhalla and the Retro, I think either would work extremely well in her room.

Now, I really need a fan for my bedroom, that will not only be doing the obvious, which is cooling my room in those warm summer evenings but also, as a source additional lighting. I don't have a ceiling light and I know it would definitely be a much needed lighting improvement for the room. And I am really in love with that Island look, fanimation has some gorgeous fixtures that cover both of those needs, and both the Bayhill collection and Belize meet and surpasses those needs. Now, the hard part...deciding on which styles to choose.

Now, my holiday list of 'must do's' is really becoming quite daunting, I am sure I am going to need a few more days off, but this time I will be taking on the role of and donning the hat of ' a busy homemaker'.

There are 68 Days left, can you believe it, we really don't have very much time remaining, so I guess I'd better get busy. Be takin' to ya....


Ed said...

68 days! Cheeze time is flying! Nice site!
Grace and Peace,

Sadie said...

Thanks for 'the moment' and you are definitely right 'time is flying'... 8o)