-Yep, I'm Back...

And so I have returned, I am feeling quite rested, and I am ready to tackle some new projects.

In an earlier post I mentioned that Affiliate Marketing is one of the many ways to earn money on line. Just recently, actually a few days ago, I came across an Affiliate Program that I didn't even know existed ... Mac Online Poker. Personally, I have never played, but ... hold on to your seats, ladies and gentlemen, online gambling is a $10 billion industry. These are not simulated games, you will be playing against real people, and there are numerous rooms to choose from, each having there own specialized features. For instance the 'Poker Room' has a 'pokah poker forum' where players chat about different strategies; and then there is 'Absolute Poker' for the frugal poker player, and the list with the many unique features is extensive. Many of the sites don't require that you download any software in order to play.

One of the rooms that sort of stands out among all of the rooms is 'FullTilt Poker', here you play with regular guys in a regular game. But what really makes it stand out is because you get to choose your own settings and avatar, which by the way also allows you to select the mood of your avatar by just clicking a button.

Now for those of you that are using the Linux System, a download of software isn't necessary but you must be using a regular internet browser such as IE or FireFox.

There is just so much going on in this industry, to learn more ... stop by and visit a while, you will truly be amazed.