15th-February, 2008

While browsing today, I came across an article that outlined how it's possible to travel the world, without any out of the pocket expense for hotel rooms. And from that article, I found a link to a blog authored by a 'one time business exec', who chucked it all, sold all of her possessions and hit the road.

Boy, even when I was younger and much more daring, I don't think I would have attempted such an adventure. However, one of the spots that she and her friend visited was Hawaii. And as tempting as a trip to Hawaii is, I think traveling the traditional way would be the only way for me.

Did you know that the written language of Hawaii, only has 13 letters and as a result of the limited alphabet they have extremely long names for points of interest. For example, most of there streets have Hawaiian names, and those names are long and in some cases quite similar. Could you imagine the many variation 'honohumaekalulu' could have, and how confusing it could be if only one letter was changed. Now 'honohumaekalulu' is a street, imagine if the first 'o' was changed to an 'a' or a 'u', and you were looking for the street with the 'a' which came after the street with the 'o' and you didn't notice the difference. Well, you get the idea, getting lost is a strong possibility.

But fortunately if you were renting from Hawaii Car Rental, you would have unlimited mileage. So although getting lost is frustrating, you wouldn't have the added expense of mileage. Another advantage of using Hawaii Car Rental is that you don't pay until you arrive in Hawaii and you will receive a confirmation number without a creditcard payment. Wouldn't mind having that feature here in the states. Hawaii Car Rental also has another great feature, there isn't an additional fee for a younger driver ... wow!

However, the author of this article admitted to getting lost numerous times. But still they ventured forth and subsequently seen many breathtaking vistas throughout Hawaii.