12th-Feburary, 2008

Sometimes I am just amazed at the things that are happening around me, that just continue to happen, and I am completely clueless about. Now, I was aware that it was possible to take your car along with you when you traveled by train. Never, thought for a moment, that those carriers that you sometime see on the highway, or parked on the property of auto dealerships, not only transport new auto's but also some of those carriers are a door to door car shipping service. Although I wasn't aware of statewide auto shipping, I was aware of international car shipping, thanks to the media.

So now I know that if ever I should need to transport my car for whatever reason, even if it has broken down and I am in another state ... all is not lost, no reason to pull my hair out. There is a simple and stress-free auto transport solution ... I can have it shipped wherever my preferred mechanic is.

You see, I am one of those folks that is leery about having just anyone work on my car. For one reason, and one big reason ... if someone out of state does a superficial fix on my car, charges me a few hundred, I make it home only to have my car break down on me again ... I can't return it to that mechanic and insist that he finish what he started. I would just be out a few hundred dollars.

So, there you got it, we do have other options to choose from when we move across the states or for whatever reason need to transport our vehicle to another state. We don't have to ask a friend or a family member, whose return trip we would have to finance anyway, we could use those funds to have our auto transported by a professional insured company. Ahh, you just gotta love those things that help to simplify your life.