4th December, 2007

You just never know what you might need while building a presence on the web, developing a website or creating a squeeze page. So, I decided to share some of the tools that I have found, while working on various projects. Whenever I find what I consider a pretty nifty find, I will post it on Tuesdays ... Tuesday's Tools ... I kinda like that!

I realize some of my finds may not help everyone and some of them I am sure many of us will already be familiar with and probably are using everyday, but if 'my find' helps just one person, then Tuesday's Tools will be a success.

Recently, I came across this great little item that translates text and whole pages of script from one language into another ... and 'believe it or not' it has already proved itself to be a very useful little gadget. Just follow the link:

Babel Fish Translator


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