-A Dream Come True

2nd-Feburary, 2008

Wouldn't it be A Dream Come True to be able too retire with a $1,000,000 'nest egg' to snuggle up under. Now, I bet a few of you are thinking ... oh please ... get real or where is she going with this.

A few day ago, I was engage in what I do best and that is surfing the net. And while on the front page of yahoo.com I seen this 'featured article' about 'How To Make A Million Dollar'. Okay, so you know I just had to stop and spend a few moments skimming through it.

Now, this wasn't a get rich tomorrow 'pipe dream'. This described a process that anyone could actually begin , it is a plan that involves simply saving a set amount of money on a monthly basis. Your bottom-line goal could be anything that you envisioned. Your success simply depends on your tenacity.

The funniest thing about this whole post and that article is this, most things that you read on sites like yahoo and aol, they have that feature that allows you to email the item to someone or to yourself. I couldn't find it, so I just kept on doing my browsing thing. However, later it occurred to me that this would be a great piece to share ... so I returned to yahoo.com and searched and searched and searched some more, and I couldn't find the article anywhere on the site.

So, being somewhat of a stubborn person I decided to google it ... didn't find that article ... but I
found another one that was just as good and I also found a calculator that you can use to help save your way to that million.

First I found this great article 'What It Takes To Become A Millionaire' at About.com by Dustin Woodard . And then after a little more searchin' I came across this nifty little calculator at Northwest Community Credit Union that can help make that Dream a Reality.

The article that started all of this was entitled How To Make A Million Dollars, I think a more fitting title should have been How To Save Your Way To A Million Dollars.