-The Locker

When I was growing up, I remember that the schools in my neighborhood had designated area's against the walls within each classroom that had a single row of hooks...this is where we hung our coats. In High School we again hung our coats on hooks in our Home Room class, and we stored the books that we didn't need in our desk. And that's where they remained until we were ready for a different set of books or were leaving for the day.

Boy, have things changed and it was definitely a change of necessity. Although I wish the need for outfitting the schools with locks, lockers and other such security devices, had emerged as an answer to the hap hazard appearance of our clothing draped across our classroom walls. We all know that just wasn't the prime reason for the inclusion of storage units within our schools.

However, locks and lockers have become brighter and more colorful than they initially were. No longer are they drab and dismal and little more than an 'eyesore'. They now come in different sizes and they are no longer just metal lockers, some are made of wood or steel and they even have plastic lockers.

Area's around lockers have become social hubs. It's not only a pick up and drop off spot. Gathering around the lockers in our schools hallways has become an enjoyable part of a students daily schedule. And not only do lockers hold the expected ... books, clothing and lunch ... but it can house a change of clothing, class projects, cosmetics and in some cases skate boards and music.

What was once a pretty dismal addition to the halls of our schools, has now become quite a needed piece of student furniture. It usefulness within our halls of education has grown, and lockers have become less of an eyesore.