-We Have Come A Long Way

6th-Feburary, 2008

Twenty five years ago I discovered 'The Health Food Store', not only was I overwhelmed by the concept...a so called store that peddled healthy items, what was that all about. But I also discovered that things purchased from there tasted different, just seem to taste better. And what was all those so called nutritional supplements all about? I wanted to know what was going on here, why was there a need for a store like that? What was the difference between this little corner shop downtown and the grocery store that I shopped at, in my neighborhood? Well, that little opened window was all that I needed, I soon to my delight, found out what the difference was.

Today, not only are there those little corner stores ... but there are also some extremely large Health Food Stores, nationwide. Products that are organically grown, and products with the USDA seal and certified to be organically grown are popping up in mainstream MegaMarkets. And naturally it's just makes good business sense to create an online shopping platform to also promote those products. HerbalLife is one of those companies, they have established a Herbal Nutrition Network that supplies their distributor with the tools necessary to take their products and business to the next level.

At HerbalLife International, they have an amazing selection of products, and now they are offering a company storefront to their distributors that allows them to also promote and sell their products via the internet. And if you are not a distributor and you want to know more, well you can find that out too, by visiting their site ...