-For The Event Planner

7th-Feburary, 2008

Let's just suppose for a moment, that a member of your family has a special event coming up soon. And you have been designated the 'Special Event Coordinator'. So the whole ball of wax has been dropped in your lap, and it's up to you to make this upcoming event Fabulous.

So, you have included all of the usual stuff, added a few things that you know will be unexpected, but you feel that you could still add a little more 'chocolate to this sundae'. Well, what about including a dish of personalized candy bars on each of the tables throughout the room. Well personally, I think having chocolate bar favors with my name on them would definitely result in a smile and a blush, whenever I noticed that someone was sampling one of my candies.

Honestly, how many events have you attended that had personalized candy bar wrappers. I think that would be the highlight of any affair.