28th-January, 2008

Not only have I been spending time this last week watching some of the old VCR tapes from my Personal Video Library, but yesterday after watching 'Cell' with Jennifer Lopez, I starting searching like crazy for her movie 'Enough'. I still haven't found it, but I think out of all of her movies, this one is an all time favorite of mine. And I guess that I should also mention, that I enjoy just about everything that I've seen Jennifer in.

Quite honestly I am drawn to movies that portrait a woman as disciplined, commanding and strong ... Now, after viewing numerous movies that attempt to try to sell that image, more than half end up with my personal thumbs down. You see, the movie must convince me that what I am watching is achievable ... However, 'Enough' is at the top of the list, because I believe that almost any woman can learn and master close combat training. The Truth About Martial Arts isn't going to be learned from what you see on the screen, and I think that most of the martial Arts training that you may receive, although it may physically build a better person, I don't think that it will necessarily save you in a real life or death situation.

As an example, years ago I enrolled my son in a Karate class. The instructor had a black belt and he appeared to be quite skilled. During one of the sparing sessions that he had with some of the students with yellow belts, he encountered a young man that proved to be quite a challenge for him. He succeeded at winning the encounter, but only barely, this student not only incorporated the skills he had learned while in class ... but he also used street skills, and his strength against him. In a real fight, the instructor would have lost.

Anyway, initially after seeing 'Enough' I wanted to learn how to protect myself in the same way. I thought both my daughter and I could benefit from those lessons. Needless to say, I couldn't find any program back then. But I think I have found a program that just might be similar to the training that Jennifer received. The program is moderated and taught by Chris Pizzo. And I found his bio and the programs discription at Captain Chris' Close Combat site. It's a must read, for anyone that wants to enhance their chances of surviving a threatening encounter.