-Where Oh Where, Can My Earphones Be

25th-January, 2008

Between my son and my daughter, I think they have set a record for the most purchased headphones in a household over the past year. And if we haven't made the 'Guinness' I am sure we are our communities 'Top Dogs'. Lately whenever I have needed a pair to use, I have had to search through a sea of disabled and dysfunctional headphones.

I guess most of yall think, well girl, get your own ... yep, I have done that. You see I don't really use mine that much, so when they are borrowed and subsequently fall under the household radar, I am the last to know. The main reason I had purchased a pair was so that when I did need a pair I would have my own. You see this really isn't a new problem, own headphone dilemma has always been a small issue, but lately it has been escalating. Well anyway, mine have disappeared and nobody seems to know what has happened to them. And you know what, when I purchased that pair, I made sure that I got a pair for everyone in our household.

But the next pair that I get...I will tell no one. I will keep them hidden, and only use them when everyone else in the house is asleep. And I am gonna order them online, you know me I love that convenience. I know exactly which pair to get, I want the Bose in ear headphones, they will definitely fit the bill, small, compact and light. These earphones can easily be kept concealed.

I may have lost the battle ... but I am gonna win this war ...