-Think About It

26th-March, 2008


From time to time I have seen forum posts, ads and blog entries commenting on how easy it is to make money on the net. Well, if that were completely true...then why is there a 97% failure rate. Yep, statistically only 3% of us are going to make it.

Let's face it, there is MUCH to learn here. And once you understand how things work here, then yes ... it does get easier.

Granted, there may be a few amazing success stories, out and about on the net. There are always gonna be a few that are positioned right and their project or programs just take off, but that is not the 'norm'. And there are those others that are connected to friends, families, college buddies that have made it and those connections are willing too lend them a helping hand, these guys have an edge.

But if you are not connected, didn't get that break ... find someone, seek a mentor that has succeeded in a niche that you are passionate about and duplicate what she/he has done. I don't mean copy everything that they have ... the template, the content, the topics...No No No. But try to mimic what they have done ... get inside their heads and suss out their defining techniques, use what tools they have used to succeed, learn what they have learned. Most bloggers are quite up front, pay attention to what they are sharing and take advantage of that.

For most of us The Blogstitute should be our learning platform, search for a blogger that's on the Dean's list and start taking notes...

You ... we can do this.


Whenever something new is on the horizon, everyone jumps on it ... me included ... if there is a chance that there is something to be gained ... we all want in ...

A while back I read an article about the color blue, and statistically if you are planning on selling something, anything ... an ad that includes that color, and by using that color you are increasing your chances of a sale. Gosh, am I ever sick of seeing ads with the color blue.

And what about the 'live operator' pop ups. Well, the ad doesn't stand a chance, by the time I get rid of those pop-up's I am ready to move on to the next item of interest.

You know what grabs my attention, something fresh and vibrant. I just hurriedly zip by the clones.


Grab the blinders, pull out the deeply tinted shades, don't be mislead by the numerous images of dollars signs, cascading $100 dollar bills, imported auto's, mini castles, beach front properties and the like ... Dig Deeper, these images are 'eye candy' thrown out there to get you too buy, buy, buy ... Dig Deeper.

In closing, just 'think about it' ...


Grizzly Brears said...

That was nicely put. You are right - there is no easy way to earn an income online. There are decent people out there that will lend a hand and point people in the right direction but it's still a lot of work and determination. It's nice to find level headed and sensible people like you online. I wish you the best.

Sadie said...

Thanks much for that very supportive comment. this article, I guess summarizes what I have learned since coming to the net.

I guess I have moved up from infancy ...I am now a toddler. Crawling and struggling to walk upright. But I will get there eventually...

OIMS said...

You are right. Unfortunately, just because it's easy to ACCESS the net doesn't mean you don't have to put in lots of hard work and effort to make it on the net.

Too much hype and bull out there and too many willing to be talked into the "no work involved" (just be willing to part with lots of money).

Sad truly. They miss all the really great reasons for BEING online - like commenting on really cool blogs :)

Sadie said...

@OIMS You are absolutely right. And whats great about the net is that you can make money, by building a business around something that you love.

And everything that you need,every question that you have...can be found and answered right here in the blogosphere.

Having a great time while you build a business can happen.You just gotta be patient and committed..80)