-Happy Easter

23rd-March, 2008

I would just like to wish a very Happy Easter to all, hopefully it will be filled with all those wonderful little happenings that lead to a 'basket full of fond memories'. You know...most of us have celebrated this holiday for longer then we can remember, but have you every wondered about some of those other little things that seem to go hand in hand with this jubilant and springy time of the year.

Did a little digging and I do mean just a little...actually what I did was drop in on Wikipedia and did all my researching right there about some of those items that we incorporate into this Holiday. Check out some of the history behind some of the terms and symbols such as...

Easter Basket
Easter Bunny
Easter Egg

It would seem that this celebration has been infused with numerous customs, many would probably claim that Easter has become very commercial, however some of the traditions that we incorporate into this occasion are century's old, heralding from many countries and some of the practices were followed for very practical reasons...aside from the religious significance. Anyway, please look at what I found...it really is quite amazing...

Also, I found a little video that expresses a viewpoint from another aspect of this Holiday...