-Furniture Shopping

17th-January, 2008

My daughter lives off campus in a student housing community that boarders her university. And I hate to admit it but her furnishings are a bit sparse, and she stays so busy that she hasn't had the time to search for a few items that would make her living space a lot more comfortable.

So, I guess this is where I need to step in. I did a little hunting and I found this incredible shopping search engine. All you gotta do is either enter a search term for a particular item or click on the item if there is a listing for it in the side bar. Then I was swished to a page that simply left me bedazzled by the selection of products from numerous stores throughout the web. And if the same item is available at more than one store, each store and the selling price is also displayed. Now you can also further refine your search by listing a price range that fits your budget or even a specific brand name.

Her little apartment could use a small dinette and a couple of lamps. I found it all, and I found them at prices that even I couldn't cry over and some of the stores even offered free shipping.

So, since I have located the perfect home shopping search engine, that offers the items she needs at unbelievably affordable prices ... all that's left for her to do ... is to find a few minutes to visit the site from the comforts of her cozy little space and order the few remaining items that she needs.