-What is DoenutsllDollars About...

10th-December, 2007

Blogging is my new frontier, and I am not going to try to pretend for even a second that I am 'an authority' on anything. I am a novice to this and I have 'galaxies' to learn. Not that I mind, I am really enjoying everything about blogging. So, rather than pretend I am 'in the know', which I know I would be horrific at anyway, instead I will list just where I am on my trek to become a better blogger.

Although I am just starting out, I still will not hesitate to give an opinion. Which actually could become quite an amusing feature of this blog, because I am sure my views within this next year are going to change radically, it's unavoidable...as I get better at this, I know I will be correcting myself. So folks don't hold anything against me, both my weaknesses and assets are that I am an opinionated learner, so give me some room while I cross this road. And yes, laughing at my goofs are permitted.

And although I will be documenting and discussing the various items that I have discovered and will be utilizing on this blog, it will also be about other things, and not just the business aspect. Yes, I would like to make money and turn those doenuts (0) into dollars. But I also want to enjoy what I am doing here, I don't want this to be just a job. Like they say, 'I have been there and I have done that'. This blog will include items of interest also, the bottom line to this is, this blog will be all about me and the net.