-A Somewhat Disillusioned Blogger

14th-January, 2008

For the last month, I have had to contend with quite a few computer issues. Initially I was a bit overwrought but after a few days of 'getting absolutely nowhere fast', I decided too use that time a little more constructively. So not only did I look back over my 2007 blogging year, but I began mapping out a blogging plan for 2008. I spent time thinking about my very first days on the net, and discovering about blogs and about the blogging community. I also thought about other things I had learned since coming here besides the many other programs and projects I have engaged in over this last year. When I look back, I think I have really been somewhat of a busy camper. And believe it or not that had somewhat of a calming effect on me ... re-channeling that chaotic energy into something productive ... this is something I definitely must incorporate and include on my 2008 list of things not to overlook.

So now I am back up and running somewhat more smoothly, and this past Sunday I spent most of my time checking and reading email, also visiting some of my favorite fellow bloggers blogs and finding out what the current buzz is. Now that lead me to checking to see where I stood as a blogger, much too my dismay I discovered I had dropped from a 4.0 blogger down to a numberless entity. Subsequently due to this power enforcement display, by you know who, untold thousands like me will be faced with a hard and completely unethical, and unfair decision ... should we fold and give in or stand our ground.

Here I was, just starting to get my feet wet, and during these past few months I had earned a small piece of change and finally I was starting to feel confident about the decision I had made about building my business here. But just look at what's happened, the proverbial rug has been pulled from under my feet and numerous others and I am again floundering in this net jungle.

This whole situation stinks, and the ones that will lose the most are the newer bloggers and those smaller relevant blogs with smaller audiences. And I further noticed that although at the beginning of all of this, some of the blogging guru's were slapped around a bit and ended up with 'goose eggs' for a short while. Now, however, their numbers have been steadily climbing and are almost back to where they were before this debacle, and I am sure within months...if that long...they will be back to where they were before this fiasco started. So it appears that 'if you have no juice you get no juice'.

OMGosh, it also appears as though no matter where you go you can't escape corruption. However, if I were a internet 'mover and shaker', I wouldn't sit so calmly in the background and think that my position was secure ... I would be leery. A segment of our community is under attack, and quite masterfully being shredded to bits and consequently many of us will feel the effects of that assault. Why should anyone think for a moment that it will end there, who knows where that axe will strike next.