-The Internet Is Fluid

23rd-January, 2008

If you arrived here on the internet with the hopes of building a full or part-time business and you ended up here in the blogosphere. And you think, well I have found my niche, after all there are folks here that are earning thousands of dollars monthly just blogging...Well, my advise too you would be ... yeh, this is a good place to start. However, don't throw all of your apples into just this one cart.

Explore other avenues, don't allow yourself to become too comfortable in just one marketplace. The internet is simply too fluid, although you may think you have found a stable platform, things can change here overnight.

Yes, you can establish roots in one niche, but send out your branches. Always keep your eyes open, for that ideal platform, that cottage industry of your own; because that enterprise that you have been seeking could be 'right up under your nose'.