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28th-January, 2008

For a few weeks now, I have been entertaining the idea of changing my template. On one hand, this template is visually beautiful but it's missing some of the functionality that I require ... when I first seen this template, I downloaded it with the hopes of one day using it on this site many months before I actually did it. I really was afraid that I didn't have the skills needed to incorporate it into my existing site.

However, when I finally decided to 'go for it', the transition went so smoothly, I wanted to jump for joy. But lately I have been forced to accept the realization that this template doesn't offer some of the features that I would like to include here. So, my personal struggle should I or shouldn't I continues. I have found a few amazing templates, so one of the hurdles that I worried over has been satisfied. Now the fear of losing everything I have done to date ... is another consideration.

And to add to my dilemma, the other morning when I logged in, I encountered this hideous icon, that's displayed right in the top middle of my blog, that's proving to be an enormous annoyance. Folks, I do belong to photobucket, but my bandwidth has not been exceeded. OMGosh, I am discovering that in my little niche 'when it rains ... it pours'.

So, I may be forced to make that move to another template 'way before I am ready'. My only hope is that I will find a way to eliminate that nasty little 'icon' ...


Carol said...

The template is beautiful but not really getting actoss what the focus of this Blog is very well, also the italic text is somewhat difficult to read. Just my humble opinion :)

Sadie said...

@ Carol
I find it almost impossible to take me out of whatever I am doing here on the net. And for years I have always worked following someone else's business plan...so here I have broken away from that and have infused more of me into whatever I am doing here.

Blogging makes me happy and this template always lifts my spirits.

I know I need a more functional template, which I think I have found...but whichever template that I choose...it will always reflect a little of who I am and not what is the accepted norm...8o)

Anonymous said...

I love this template.... Beautiful Choice!

Sadie said...

@terrah...Thanks and yours is also another template that is upbeat and happy and brings a smile to my face.