-St. Patricks Day

17th-March, 2008

Begorra, when I was in high school St. Patrick's Day was a huge event ... fun and festivities abound, and the highlight to this event was that the seniors were allowed to participate in the annual St. Patty's Day Parade. So, the years prior to that was filled not only merrymaking but also anticipating that future privilege and then finally the gala.

Their wasn't any picking or choosing, or selecting from special clubs or groups ... all the seniors marched on that day.

Boy, was I excited and anxious, which really was quite surprising because I am really quite shy. But I guess because it was such a large group and all we actually did was march ... I can't remember any fears just the excitement at being apart of that event.

Have any of you wondered about 'who and what' this day is all about? Well, I found the answer to this query at Answers.com, I couldn't have told the story of this patron saint as eloquently as was depicted at this site. So, please visit and enjoy the read.

Happy St. Patty's Day to ALL ...