-Mother's Day

13th-Feburary, 2008

Although I love blogging and browsing the internet, there is a downside to this reverie ... you can become so involved and absorbed in what you are doing that you loose track of time. Even though the 'time invested' is productive, the minutes and the hours still, just seem to zip by.

And the reason I am bringing this topic up is because lately, I have been visiting blogs that are focused on 'moms' . And many of those blogs have jumped ahead a few months and they are writing about mother's day and how to prepare for it, what to get mom or where to take her.

One of the sites that I visited recently was just simply amazing. MothersDayCentral is completely devoted to 'Mom', every category and sub category has listings that suggest numerous things that can be purchased, hand made or pre-ordered for Mother's Day. As I mentioned above, I find that I loose track of time while I'm roaming through the blogosphere. So for people that are blogaddicts and get lost in the zone like me, MothersDayCentral has this incredible checklist that helps you to coordinate and lay out a better plan for that Extremely Special Day. This list leaves absolutely no stone unturned. Just about everything that you need to consider when preparing for that day is on that list.

So, although it may seem a bit early, maybe now is really the best time to start preparing ...