2nd-February, 2008

If you are looking for a service to manage your personal website hosting or you are planning on developing a professional business on the web, BurtonHosting has a package designed to match whatever your needs are. With them as a hosting platform ... building an online presence backed by a stable and reliable provider is guaranteed.

At BurtonHosting they offer 3 packages, the first has everything anyone would need to start a personal website, costing only 6.95 a month with the 2 yr. pkg. This package includes 10GB of web space, 100GB of bandwidth with 100 email accounts just to name a few of the features. And with the Dedicated package that's tailored for a business website hosting platform you will receive up to 2GB Ram, a powerful CPU, fast SATA HDD's and up to 2000GB's of bandwidth. And the list of features and optional account enhancements is quite extensive.

But if you think this appears to be a great program and the packages include everything you could possibly need, hold on a minute there's so much more. There is a forum, and what could be more valuable then being able to interact with others that are involved in the same program as you are. But there's still more, you also have a knowledge base that you can refer to and as if that's not enough ... there is also customer support 24/7.

BurtonHosting has thought of everything to make choosing them as a hosting service the best possible experience you could ever have ...