19th-January, 2008

Not too long ago, I submitted a post and added a EC widget to my blog about a new networking platform called Entrecard.com. Lately I have been visiting the site daily, and interacting with other ECites that are participating in the program by viewing their blogs and dropping my card.

While visiting a blog called CK Marketing, which by the way, is loaded with a lot of helpful info about some wordpress features also, I noticed a post entitled 'Who Stumbled My Post'... A great read and it introduced me to a tool that registers hits to your blog or site in real time, it also provides a service that helps you to improve you position in search results by better utilizing 'long tail keywords' leading to your blog or site receiving more qualified visitors.

I haven't fully utilized all of the features, however I am completely satisfied with the stats counter that besides supplying me with a count also supplies my with a break down of exactly who is visiting my blog.

This amazing piece of technology can be found at HitTail.com, drop on over give it a shot ... it costs nothing to use, all you have to do is insert a little bit of code on your blog and this little product does the rest ...


Károly Domonyi said...


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I wish you all the best in all years.

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With Regards,

Karoly Domonyi

C-Squared said...


Feedburner also offers a stat tracking script.

Sadie said...

@Karoly...Thanks for the wonderful comment and support, and I will be visiting each of your sites.

@c-squared...one of the things that attracted me to HitTail's was that I can tell exactly who had dropped by
my site on any given day. Does FB's tool also offers such specific searches?

Steve said...

Sadie, thanks for stopping by my blog. Yea, I had me feed link down at the bottom of the page. Probably not a great idea, so I put one at the top thanks to your post. Here is the
that you requested.

Although if humor is what you were looking for, my other blog Stop Breathing Now! is a lot funnier, but it is kind of offensive to some I suppose.

Happy blogging.

Sadie said...

@Steve, I've become a bit of a blogaholic, which has both up's and downs...the up's I get to see a lot of great blog, the down's I should be spending a lot more time developing mine...oh,well for now I am just gonna enjoy the ride. Thank much for both of the links...

Be talkin to ya 8o)

Sue said...

You left a comment at one of my blogger sites asking about the image.
Thanks for pointing that out. What it means is there have been too many page views of the image and it's disabled for viewing unless I pay for a pro account. I'm going to have to take mine out of there, and if you want the image to upload it for yourself, please contact me. This is part of your theme, which apparently got distributed with a link to my image, because I fixed an ugly blue bar in there and let people know they could download it. Please let me know where I can mail the image to you, so you can upload it for yourself. Thanks.