29th-February, 2008

Just the other day I not only happened upon but joined a social bookmarking for video site. As a member you can either just share your vids or you can share vids and earn .30 per video viewed or you can do both. In order to earn for viewed videos, when you join you just indicate that you are interested in that aspect of the program and you will receive a sponsored email when there is something available that fits your profile. And then all you have to do is view, answer a related question to verify that you did in fact view it and you will earn your commission. You can expect to receive up to 2 emails a day and that's all there is to it.

Now at BuzzShed, oh, and that's the name of the site, you can also rate each video that you view and the videos with the highest rankings are listed in order according to that rank on the 'browse page'.

And some of the videos are just 'so precious' like the one that's right above this paragraph, I just gotta share them with you, so over the next few days I will be displaying some of my favs.

So, I found a new and fun site, that you can earn a few extra dollars a month at, and have a hoot doing it...


Shelia said...

LOL! "Hey Dude" is my new favorite video. She is soooo cute! She actually has the melody down.

She cracks me up when she sings first then leans into the mic afterwards, HA!

This is top notch! :D

Sadie said...

This vid leaves me smiling each time I view it...and since posting it, I have shown it to about a half dozen friends and each one 'lights up with joy'. What I really get a 'kick about' is that this little girl probably can't speak a word of English yet, but she gets this song across...Just gotta love it...8o)