-Just Another Day At The Office

Recently, while doing what I do everyday, I noticed and came to the conclusion that a lot of people have become squids. So, I visited the home page...quite a few times before I decided to give it a try. After all, it did look like a lot of fun. And people are making a living from using Squidoo so it did have some of the key ingredients that caught my interest...free...easy...
large following...possibility of earning some money, I was in.

So that's what I am into at the moment, so if I should skip a few days of posting, it's because I think I am becoming a Squidaholic. Well, really what I am attempting to do, is creating a lens and I find that extremely captivating. When I am finished I will leave a link to my lens, and any and all feedback would be great.

Oh, there is just so much to see and do here on the net, and just not enough of me, oh what to do...The best that I can come up with, is try my best to enjoy whatever it is that I am involved with at the moment.