-Say No, Not Anymore, To Abuse...

9th-January, 2007

Today I happened upon an incredible site ... it's a must have tool for simply all women. It deals with all forms of female abuse, whether it's physical, emotional or verbal. At this site...you can list the name of your attacker, share your tragic stories with others, and offer support and possibly solutions and encouragement to those of us that might be ensnared in a violent relationship.

Okay, I know some readers may wonder what does this have to do with this blog ... well, on one hand maybe nothing ... and then on the other hand, everything. As a blogger, I am constantly exposed to many sites dealing with everything that you could imagine. At times the information is just so relevant I just can't ignore it; I just can't dismiss it and not share it with others. Also, I am a woman and there are many women that are bloggers, maybe this site, WomanSavers.com and the massive amounts of information that it contains might help someone out there, that comes across this excerpt.

At WomanSavers.com you will be able to submit questions to an onsite Psychotherapist who is also a relationship counselor. If you have medical or health issue questions they also have an onsite MD, that can help you find answers to potential problems.

And if you think that I have covered just about everything you can find at this site, think again. They have article that cover just about anything that an abused woman may encounter, for instance ... Sociopath Narcissist, or how to Spot an Abusive Man or even articles on Dangerous Men and Dangerous Relationships.

You will find it all at WomanSavers.com, and once you visit and view the site, let others know about it. Knowledge about abuse and it various forms is the best defense...a single woman, a teenager who is just starting to date, or even a married woman that believes that maybe she is the cause of a failing and abusive relationship ... can have.