-My Son And His Future Home

6th-December, 2007

My son is planning on buying a home, and I guess this is really the best time to start working on it, because currently the prices for homes are steadily decreasing. And owning a piece of real estate is still a good investment option. However, although prices are dropping statewide, some of the 'new home developments', on my side of town are selling for $500,000 and more and they are selling ... Boy, all of those $$$ signs sure has my head spinning.

I think he really has a lot of researching and planning to do in order to find a home that's selling for a more reasonable price, and a home that's in a well established and somewhat secure neighborhood. Naturally, I have been doing a little bit of web browsing, and I think I will drop a few hints his way about considering a foreclosure. Now I know even before he thinks about buying a foreclosure, he will definitely need to research the property thoroughly. But after all is said and done, he could end up with a piece of property that could be his 'dream come true'.

Gosh, what I wouldn't give to have a few family members that are
real estate agents, although my son does have a high school buddy that has decided to become an agent. I am sure he has already thought about contacting him.

I just hope he doesn't decide to start looking at
homes for rent, as an option to buying, because my son is a bit of a 'tight wad'. So I guess I better start dropping those hints.