-First Impressions

3rd-December, 2007

Now let me tell you a little bit more about me...I am a diehard 'frugal fillie'. And I just live for a sale, I get really excited when I see a 'clearance sign' anywhere. Oh, and don't let me just happen to pass a new and never before explored thrift store, it immediately becomes a mandatory stop. So no matter what I'm doing, a few moments just have to be taken so that I can peruse and explore the shop. And oh, does this little head start to spin when I see a 75% off sale. I am like a child that has been released, with a parents blessing of course, in FAO Schwartz.

So, when I seen this web address www.SecondAct.com I could hear the little voices calling, I just knew there was a bargain to be had. When I clicked over to the site, it really wasn't what I was expecting, however I wasn't ... not even for a second, disappointed at what I found.

They had sales guys/gals, on electronics...flat screens, plasmas, entertainment systems, cappuccino makers and much much more. And there is a Deal of the Day everyday, where even more is taken off of the already reduced price for a full 24 hours.

I am also into recycling and reusing , and that's what's happening at this website, the items that are available have either been refurbished or were overstock or even closeouts. And they have been given a second chance.

Great site, great stuff ... just take a look see ...

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