-My UK Journal...Book I

3rd-December, 2007

I think if I sat down and started writing about the places worldwide that I would like to visit during my life...I just might spend the rest of my life writing. There are so many place here in the US that I would just love to visit, for example I have been to California and spent time in L.A., but I didn't visit San Francisco or see the Golden Gate Bridge. I have driven throughout Virginia, but I have never seen the Blue Ridge Mountains. The same with Atlanta, have cruised through Georgia, however I have yet to visit the Underground.

No matter where you travel, each city has it's special little wonders that make the journey, no matter how long you had to endure the road trip or the flight, worthwhile. When and I do mean 'when' I visit the UK and London I just have to spent time around the Piccadilly Circus. I just have to be able to say, that I been there and stayed in one of the many Hotels in London not far from the Piccadilly Circus hub and that I spent a few days there shopping and touring.

And because I am a 'Dance Mom', for those of you that are not familiar with the term, I am one of the thousands of moms that has hustled a child back and forth to dance classes for years on end. And a byproduct of that experience has produced a woman that greatly loves the arts. And visiting Birmingham and watching any type of performance in the Hippodrome would be a dazzling event. As a child our neighborhood movie theatre's were all grandiose and ornate, very few are these days, if any. It is said that Birmingham is the birthplace of 'heavy metal' and that Judas Priest and Black Sabbath are locals. I don't follow 'heavy metal', but that is just a morsel from a batch of choices ... Birmingham has much to offer 'lovers of the arts'. It's reputed that the theatres there number in the double digits, the biggest problem you will have in locating entertainment is making a selection from your list. And as far as accommodations go, there are more than a 1000 of both Hotels in Birmingham and other properties to choose from...

And during this time of the year, I would think the place to be is Manchester they have a Christmas Market that is considered one of the best in the UK and Europe. Now that is definitely a place that I would just love to spend time. Manchester is also an important commerce centre, and because of that it not only attracts tourist but business visitors as well, so Hotels in Manchester and new lodgings are popping-up continuously.

Well, that's it for now but I am going to continue my research of the UK, I just gotta be ready for the trip there ... more updates later though ...

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