-A Semester Abroad

16th-November, 2007

If I found out tonight that it was necessary to leave the states within the week; and let's just suppose my destination would be to either
London, Barcelona or even Paris, France. I have access to the necessary tools, that would guarantee finding temporary lodging ... hassle free ... until I would be able to locate a more permanent housing solution.

Although housing wouldn't be an issue, I haven't given any thought to driving or car rentals. Now that does present a bit of a problem, everything that I have become accustomed to doing and usually do automatically when I drive, will have to change. In different spots in Europe and definitely in England driving is completely the opposite of what I have always done. The traffic patterns are different and the steering wheel is on the opposite side of the car. I would have to relearn how to park, which side of the road I belonged on and who has the right of way? I am certain for a while I would have to depend on public transportation, but when I have become a bit acclimated to that huge change, I also know where to begin my search for a vehicle.

I did find out that the auto insurance that I already have would be accepted in any of those countries and I could either travel with my insurance certificate or I could substitute a 'green card' which would cover me in 44 international countries. I know some of you are wondering a 'green card', what is she taking about. Well, it's called a green card, but it's a system that's used throughout Europe, that recognizes and accepts insurance policies that participates in this international program. For those of you that may need that info also, it's called 'the international motor insurance card system'.

Now that was something else I didn't even consider, but it appears as though that will not be a problem. So this little brief jaunt that is possibly looming in my future is definitely beginning to take shape ...

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