-My Mobile Office

20th-November, 2007

Another great thing about 'working from home' is that your office is
mobile, it can be dismantled, relocated, set-up and you can resume operation, in the time it takes you to go from 'here to there'. Let me clarify that statement a little bit more. If I decided I wanted to have breakfast at my local coffee shop and at the same time update my e-mailbox. Relocation would involve dropping my laptop into my briefcase, sliding it and me into the car, and within minutes I would be set-up, eating and working from my office of choice, for the day.

So, let's just imagine for a moment that while I am spending that semester in England with my daughter, I decided I wanted to visit and browse through the historic city of Dublin for a few days. And yet I also needed to keep tabs on how my programs were running, this wouldn't be an issue. Again all I would have to do, is drop my office into my valise and off I would trot. The need to clear it with head office would be mute, I am my head office; so making room on my calendar and rescheduling projects, would not be a problem because I wouldn't be leaving nothing behind, my office would be traveling with me ... so I would have the best of both world at my fingertips.

Just imagine being able to visit 'Newcastle upon Tyne', and spending the day viewing the magnificent St. Nicholas Cathedral; and let's not forget about taking pictures of some of the many bridges in Newcastle,without wondering about what's happening at the office. And than the next day, after touring and again shooting numerous photo's , spending an evening at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, just relaxing and enjoying the views from the 'Gravity Bar'.

And finally returning to my B&B at end of the day, and before turning in for the night ... I could check in on my office and then close shop for the night after making sure everything is running smoothly. Now, that's how I think an office and a business should run ...

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