-The Office Continued

Working online, from home is my 'dream come true' this just works for me, there is no longer the need for a job search, everything I need is here. Being an office mgr, the customer service rep and CEO of my own business, just suits me fine. But I realize this is not for everyone, this can be a somewhat isolated and isolating environment. Some folks need the interaction of a cooperate setting.

But I have been there and done that for more years than I care to remember. And wherever I was no matter what I did I always wanted something that was a little bit more about me. When you work for someone else, that's it, you are working for someone else. Everything that happens within those parameters are structured towards the success of that business. I was always that replaceable cog, a disposable part ... I just wanted something more from what I was doing, something was always missing.

I think I have found, wait ... let me expand on that statement, I have found what completes that equation right here. I don't mind putting in the hours, I have no complaints about the need for working a little over-time. Now, I always get rewarded for a job well done, because I always make sure that I find a little special treat just for me, that I serve to me at the end of the day.

I don't have to wade through a smoke screen to get at what the truth is or wonder whether I have been deceived yet another time ... not in my office, the cards are unmarked and on the table and I control the DECK!

Yep, I like it here ... and I think I am gonna stay ...

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