-Many Things Change When You Work From Home

4th-December, 2007

Most of my life I have worked in the public sector and I have always enrolled in the companies insurance plan and I have never even considered a coverage plan that was not a group policy. Did you realize that if you do work from home and you are looking around for a life insurance provider, that the cost will be significantly higher than it was when you were signed up under that group policy? Of course you have, but I just really never gave it much thought. And the great thing about a group policy was that a health screen wasn't necessary, but that could change
with other policies.

And did you realize that your overall health can have a huge impact on what your monthly premiums will be? For instance your weight, height, and age has an impact on what your payments will be. Or if you are a smoker or if you have possible health issues like bronchitis or asthma these ailments can also lead to higher premiums. Since their is data confirming that a smokers life expectancy is shorter than non-smokers, and respiratory ailments linked to smoking are higher ... the smoker has now landed in the higher risk category.

For those of us that are now in the private sector and are looking to save money on insurance premiums, here are a couple of tips that you should follow:

  • Shop online for a quality and the least expensive provider around and obtain numerous insurance quotes before deciding;
  • Always select a renewable policy as opposed to a term life ;
  • Take better care of yourself; if you smoke, stop ... if you have gained a few extra pound, lose them ... if you drink, give it up ... if you are not exercising, start.
Let's not throw our money at these companies, let's do our homework and let's make a 'rock steady' choice and save money on insurance premiums and not just give it away...