3rd-December, 2007

Many people that I have met during my life have entered the military, and of those ... many have did a stint in Germany. Some stayed or returned to Germany after their military commitment was completed. I have always been curious about the allure of Germany and what it was about the country that caused so many of my acquaintances to return to that country. Germany is large and Berlin is the capital and the largest city in Germany. And if you should decide to visit, the Hotels in Berlin are numerous, offering all of the usual amenities that you have grown accustom to in your travels.

I thought though, that it was about time that I did some researching, so I started looking at photos and doing some light reading to maybe get an idea of just what is there, what is so compelling about this locale. Well, to begin with I noticed that they have the most magnificent castles that I have ever seen, they are truly what dreams are made of. King Ludwig II's castle is what inspired Disney to create the Magic Kingdom, and this is also 'the most visited place in Germany'.

And I came across this amazing picture of 'the shrine of the 3 Magi's' that's housed in the Cologne Cathedral. It is believed that the remains of the 3 Wise Men are contained in a gilded sarcophagus behind the altar. Earlier, in my blog, I did an article on UNESCO. Well, this is one of the World Heritage Sites and this is Cologne's most famous landmark, if not the world's. This is an incredible artifact, not only because of it's religious implications which is of paramount proportions ... but the love and the amount of time that must have been invested in crafting this truly stunning piece of workmanship is staggering. And beginning this search couldn't have occurred at a better time, simply because Christmas is approaching and maybe at this time of month all those many years ago the 3 Wise Men were also searching and close to approaching the savior. However, these day traveling and finding lodging isn't difficult at all, the Hotels in Berlin and surrounding localities are numerous and varied.

I have just started to dig into facts about this country, and already I have discovered numerous historical tidbits. For instance, I am sure quite a few of you have heard of the Black Forest and their famous Black Forest Cake. Well, did you know that this is also the birthplace of the cuckoo clock.

Right next door to Germany, we have the birthplace of our California Governor, Austria. And much to my delight, I discovered that the Schonbrunn Zoo is there and it is the world's oldest zoo and it's noted for the excellent care that they give their animals. In 2003 they were given a pair of Chinese Great Panda's, and this year these Panda's became proud parents, which we know is quite an amazing feat for Panda's in captivity. And if you are planning on visiting and not only viewing the Panda's but spending time at this historic landmark you will not have a problem at all locating Hotels in Vienna , or any alternate type of accommodations.

Vienna is an incredibly beautiful and wide open country, this would be an ideal spot to plan a cross country trip via the railroad just to take in all of the natural vista's that this spacious country has to offer. And no matter where you end up, it is an easy matter to find Hotels in Vienna.


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