4th-December, 2007

A lot of people talk about how commercial Christmas has become ... and they're right, but that's why it's up to us as parents, to not only dazzle our little ones with the magic that this season brings but also to remind them about why we are celebrating.

But my little mind was really in overdrive today, I was remembering when my children were young, we were always on the go and involved in one thing or another. We did quite a bit of traveling, especially since my daughter was in a dance troupe. We have traveled from the east coast to the west coast and various places in between. I felt as though I had yet another job and that was a position as tour coordinator.

Since they have grown, and my daughter is no longer in the troupe, we have slowed down quite a bit. However, I still love to travel, which by the way was really a good thing otherwise I would have been a very miserable mom. So I guess the trips that I will be taking now will be a bit less hectic. One year we visited Myrtle Beach, it was my first visit and to be perfectly honest, I didn't know anything about that area. Was I ever 'blown away', for years I have wanted to go back, without the kids ... I guess the time is now. I can just see myself staying in a gorgeous Myrtle Beach vacation rental with a private pool and a spectacular view.

And we have visited Florida so many times, back then I felt as though it was in my back yard, but I wasn't able to explore it the way I really wanted too. Every other year we would end up in Orlando and that would be it, I am just dying to spend some time in the sand on the beach in a Miami Beach vacation rental. We did book a stay in a vacation rental by owner in Virginia Beach one year, it was in this amazing high rise condo, but Virginia Beach pales in comparison to Myrtle Beach.

Gosh, I guess before the holidays are over I will have replayed things I have done, places I have been and people that I have met at least a dozen times. But the holidays, well this holiday seem to have that effect on me and I like it. Sometimes ... I find myself walking through the house just smiling.